Homeschool vs. Online School

One of the recent educational trends in the United States is homeschooling. It is a type of education when children do not attend standard public or private schools, but learn all the subjects at home with their parents or tutors. Why has it become so popular? Parents claim that there are two main reasons for this. The first one is that they, parents, do not want their children to attend schools, because they are not satisfied with the conditions most of these educational institutions can provide. The second reason is the desire of mothers and fathers to be more involved in their kids learning process.

Homeschooling allows them to define what subjects to focus on, how much time to spend for studying and so on. As the research shows, students that were homeschooled demonstrate much better tests results and even have higher graduation rates. This is one more reason why during the last fifteen years the number of students that decided to get education at home has raised to 75%. The results that these students achieve are tremendous, especially if you consider that most of them spend less that $600 on education per year. The curriculum for these children is the same as the one for schools. All needed materials and means of assessment can be easily found in every local bookstore or online.

On the other hand, another tendency is clearly seen in the educational system of English speaking countries. It is “attending” online schools. The big plus of this learning type is that children don’t have to leave their private or local school, but if parents feel like their kids don’t get enough information on Physics or History, they can sign them to such schools for courses in these particular subjects. These schools can also help those children who are more advanced than the rest in their class. The online program can be made individually for each kid. This way the school ensures that curriculum responds to individual needs of every student. Parents play the part of learning coaches, which enables them to be engaged in their kids’ learning process. It is like homeschooling, but with professional teachers’ support. By the way, the teachers can be contacted via phone, email or a live online session. And the best part is that these schools can be tuition free.

After learning about peculiarities of homeschooling and online education, personally I would recommend the second. I think it is more convenient and technology-advanced. Who knows, maybe, in a few decades, we won’t even have standard schools at all.