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Online Homeschooling Program vs Public School

Do you want to try online homeschooling but still cannot make up your mind? We have a range of reasons that will help you decide! There are a lot of advantages of virtual schools over the classical colleges. The experience of teaching methods of online schools shows that with the help of a proper planning of the course and a skillful use of information channels the virtual learning is much more effective than a full-time college. In addition, virtual learning gives you a nice bonus. For example, the ability to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills in the comfort of your home. So, it is a great opportunity to optimally combine your education, personal and professional life. Moreover, of course, it is an opportunity to reduce transport costs and save time. Continue reading

Welcome to the World of Online Schooling

Online school is an innovative system of education. These schools are aimed to teach the students effectively using the online format: the Internet instead of the board, virtual classroom instead of the audience, interactive learning instead of boring training guides, electronic recording sessions instead of writing in the note-books, etc. The school based on the model of online learning lets the students and teachers communicate directly with each other. The individual approach to every student gives the best possible results. In this model, learning process goes much faster and on a more profound level. Virtual school offer an active online learning that will help you achieve your goals. Continue reading

Homeschool Regulations in the UK

Homeschool education is one of the most worthwhile decisions you can make for your education. This modern system provides a lot of advantages and becomes a perfect alternative to the traditional way of teaching. Homeschooling in the UK enrolls a huge amount of students. However, today homeschooling is a subject to the legal debate. One should remember that home schools must be attended legally. The UK Supreme Court precedent allows the educational choice, however there are certain standards, and that is why there is an array of requirements to those who choose getting education at home. In the United Kingdom these requirements differ from county to county, some of them are rather strict while the others have no particular demands. Continue reading